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If you’re passionate about changing New Zealand for the better, and you’d like to rep TOP with some merchandise, you’re in the right place!

For far too long, New Zealanders have had no real choice at the ballot box. 

National and Labour act as though they believe in oppositional politics, but in reality they align on most key policy areas. TOP believes those key policy areas have been failing us for over 20 years. 

TOP is advocating for fundamental change to our tax, housing, environmental, and other critical systems to achieve better economic and social outcomes for all.

TOP’s policies promise a vision for New Zealand of greater fairness, improved access to opportunity, and a prescription for economic success that will finally put an end to the privatisation of profits and the socialisation of losses. 

Buying anything on this site helps contribute to TOP’s campaign for 2020. 

To join, donate, or volunteer, visit our website at www.top.org.nz today.