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Too many Kiwis lack access to the fundamentals of a life with dignity and meaning – like being able to afford the essentials and a warm dry home.

We believe these barriers to the good life are the result of bad settings in our economy’s most critical areas, like tax and housing. 

When our tax system punishes work and innovation, houses make more money than people and many Kiwis are permanently locked out of owning a home. We need better settings. 

At The Opportunities Party, we will confront these barriers with bold, smart policy.  

We’re made up of all sorts of Kiwis – students, professionals and grandparents, businesspeople and community leaders, renters and home-owners - united in a belief that in New Zealand, everyone deserves a genuine shot at a good life. 

We’re not afraid to call-out when our systems fail to deliver fairness and we advocate for smart policy that works over tinkering at the edges to fix them. 

Most of all, we want more from our political system. The red-blue drumbeat of handouts and free-market policies can’t deliver the changes we all need.

For a fairer future, we need bold, smart policy that delivers genuine opportunities for all.

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